Why this website?

We would like to welcome you to this website with all nude destinations worldwide! From family campsites, apartments and small-scale Bed & Breakfasts to large hotels and luxury resorts; there is plenty of choice.

Are you looking for an accommodation where you can relax naked during the summer holidays? Or do you just want to relax a few days away in your own country and enjoy a wonderful and carefree naked experience? On this website you will find all naked holiday destinations, so there will certainly be a suitable destination for you!

Now you might think: there are already several nudist websites. Yes there are, but not many have an extensive search function like this website! Via a smart search engine you can search for the country of your choice, the type of stay or accommodation, the target group and, for example, whether there is natural water available. In addition, you can indicate whether there should be a swimming pool, a restaurant and Wi-Fi and whether you can bring your pet.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us.



Watch the video tutorial here!

Are you looking for a suitable accommodation for your naked holiday? Then you can search on this website in 4 ways:

1. CATEGORY: If you want to search in general by a certain category (e.g. camp sites, hotels, resorts, Clothing Optional), you can do this on the front page, by choosing one of the 24 images.

2. KEYWORD: On the homepage you can search for ‘Keywords’ (like a part of the name of the accommodation) and the desired type of accommodation

3. WORLD MAP: You maybe only have a special country or area in mind and the type of accommodation is less important… Then be sure to take a look at the world map.

4. SERVICES: Finally, there is an extensive search function. Search here for the continent and country/state, the category of your choice, the target group, how you can recreate naked and, for example, whether natural water is available. We have now expanded this search function so you can also search for the presence of a swimming pool, Wi-Fi and whether there is the possibility to dine. You can also find the holiday accommodations where you can take your dog and where, for example, day recreation is allowed.
Have you filled in all your wishes for your perfect vacation? Then choose 'Start Search'.

N.B. In all cases you will receive an overview of accommodations; click on the name of an accommodation for extra information.


What actually is naturism?

“Naturism is a lifestyle in harmony with nature. It defines itself by common nudity with the goal to promote self-esteem, respect for fellow human beings and respect for nature and environment.”

This sounds a little more “religious” than our experience, but it covers the meaning. Clothes are often seen as status symbol, something to distinguish yourself from others. We see clothes simply as a necessary evil, a means to keep you warm. With summer temperatures the function of clothes totally disappears.

Naturists are completely normal people from all corners of society who prefer to recreate without clothes. Naturists don’t feel the need to cover something up what is given to every human being.

Naturists have respect for each other, for themselves and for nature. Moreover, naturists campsites are as a rule often quieter and cleaner than “textile campsites”.

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